Partners may find helpful information in the following articles. Not every article was written for a spouse audience, and points of view may differ from those offered in  Spousework: Partners Supporting Academic Leaders.

Articles About the Spouse/Partner Experience:

The Future of Spousework, adapted from the book

Confessions of a Male Presidential Spouse

Supporting the First Family

Traditional Roles Shift for College Leaders' Spouses

Paying the President's Spouse

See these articles at, the website of The Chronicle of Higher Education:

"For Grinnell's New President, Tense Negotiations Over Sheet Cake" by Lawrence Biemiller

"A Job They Didn't Apply For" by Judith Gardner Ainlay

"The President's Spouse" by Hannah Byers

"For Hartwick College's President, an Unexpectedly Good Fit" by Robin Wilson

"Today's Presidents Might Come With Toddlers" by Jeffrey J. Selingo

"Not a First Lady" and "The First Gentleman" by Teresa Johnston Oden

Understanding the Leader's Experience:

The Authentic, and Effective, College President

Presidential Power and the Modern College Leader

Considering an Offer, from Jean Dowdall's book,
Searching for Higher Education Leadership

Farewell, Lone Warrior

Goodbye to Procrustes And Goldilocks

How Much is Too Much?

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